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Mar 13, 2007 05:05 PM

$100 Sur La Table GC - what to buy?

I received this last year for birthday - I love the store, but never know what to buy, since everything seems so expensive - is there anything there that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else that is useful?

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  1. they have these silicone covers for containers, ok, sounds basic, but they are so cool. you put on top of a bowl or casserole dish and it becomes a vacuum. invert it and put it in the microwave. also works as a hot plate...I showed it to my friend, but didn't buy it because I thought they were a tad too expensive to justify. She bought it for me for Christmas. What a pal. I love it. Also, a piece of cookware that you have always wanted, but felt like it was too expensive, even if you have to pay a little extra for it. Treat yourself! Enjoy!

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    1. I saw a kitchen plaque there the other day that I adore, and haven't seen anywhere else. It reads, "Forget Love. I'd rather fall in Chocolate!" That will be my next SLT purchase, but if I'd had a GC in my pocket that day the plaque would be mine already!

      1. I received a gift cert for SLT also, and got a DeMeyere omelet pan, which I dearly love.

        1. They have a nice 10" heavy (4 pounds) stainless-lined Italian-made copper poelle (rounded-sided frying pan) as a loss leader for $99, although if you already have nice pots and pans you probably won't be interested. If your pans suck, though, you will be astounded at the difference it makes when searing and then reducing a pan sauce.

          Plenty of other neat things at SLT -- what specifically is your kitchen lacking that you'd like to remedy? Knives, pots & pans, bakeware -- what do you use that would benefit from improvement?

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            I was thinking maybe a Santoku knife maybe, but what brand? Pots and pans I have All-Clad - I was also thinking new Cuisinart (or KitchenAid) processor, but I can get that at Costco for cheaper - I dunno...

          2. $100 could get you a pretty nice knife if that's something you need. I know that's not necessarily something you can't get anywhere else, but they do have a wide variety of brands and their sales staff would be pretty good at recommending a knife that would be good for whatever types of things you like to cook. They also have a pretty good selection of cutting boards there as well. Also, I agree with the person who suggested a nice copper pan (and for $99 that's a great deal). Sur La Table also has a lot of utensils that are unusual and harder to find other places (you could get a bunch of different things for $100). They have Rosle stainless steel utensils that are kind of pricey, but top quality and you could get a few of those (Rosle is kind of hard to find at any type of discount and they do have a wide selection). Also those silicone heat resistent spatulas are great and you will wonder how you ever lived without them (get a few because if you get one, you'll want more).

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