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Mar 13, 2007 04:57 PM

Late dinner

I am looking for recommendation for a good late dinner. I looking for something light but tastefull with a nice ambiance for quiet discussion. Thanks

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    1. re: JenJen

      I thought of that too, but Lemeac isn't exactly the place for quiet discussion.

    2. Lemeac have a sweet deal after 22h: 22$, and if it's on a week day you'll find what you are looking for ( they just installed a sound proofing sealing)

      Otherwise maybe BU can fit your expectations.

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      1. re: wizpers

        Has anyone been there on a busy night since the "sound-proof" ceiling has been installed? Does it make a difference?


        1. re: Fritzy

          Yeah, I went at Lemeac 2 weeks ago on a friday night at 22h30, the place was full with a line-up and we were able to ear each other, and the staff told me that it makes a huge difference...still a lot of 'ambience'

      2. How late is late? We ate at AREA last week and absolutely LOVED it. I think the second service starts at 9 or 9:30pm, which is when they serve the 7 service menu so the kitchen must stay open pretty late. Choose several entrees and aps rather than the mains for something light and very tastey-we loved the soup (lait de courge), tuna tartare, and scallops. For me, AREA is definitely one of the most underrated restos in town.

        1. AIX at the Place D'Armes Hotel just launched their Late Night Dinners starting at 10pm...I have a copy of the menu...lists items such as tuna tartar, roast chicken...lighter stuff..

          1. The original comment has been removed