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Anyone elso try Il Capriccio Pizzeria yet?

I read the one review. Anyone else try them out yet? Is it pizza only? What kind of topping action do they have? Is it good? Great? Ok? Expensive? I can walk there in five minutes, however, I am insane and would like to hear what other think before I venture in. Thanks in advance

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  1. Well, it was probably my review you read, but to recap, it was pretty good but expensive ($18 for a smallish-sized large). There's lots of toppings available (eggplant, arugula, pine nuts, shrimp, etc.) There's also salads and paninis but I didn't try any. I'm planning to try it again and eat in the restaurant to see if it's possible to achieve greatness by consuming it right after coming out of the woodburning oven.

    1. i went there last night. the dining area looked really nice but i wish they would have told us they did not have alcohol available yet. my friend and i just wanted to have some wine and appetizers so when we were seated we were disappointed to have to leave.

      their manager was very apologetic and told we could get a bottle of wine from tiger or whatever that restaurant next door was and bring it back. but it was a bit too much trouble for us so we ended up at niko niko sushi. i'll be back to il cappriccio though, the menu looked very interesting.

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        you're talking about the il capriccio restaurant on Vermont. That's different from the newly opened pizza joint on Hollywood Blvd.

      2. Yes it was your review. Your blog is on my favorite places and I always enjoy your writing. Even though I value your opinion, I was looking for some others perspective as well.Thanks for responding chowpatty.

        1. I think you're referring to the Il Capriccio, not the pizzeria referenced above, which probably would not be described as "really nice," as it's very simple.

          1. huh? there's il capriccio and il capriccio pizzeria both in los feliz? oh, i guess i was at the snazzy one. it was pretty. my first time there.

            1. I've had it on three occassions; twice at the restaurant and once via delivery. I can vouch for the pizza being consistently good at the place, but as far as delivery goes...a different perspective. I just ordered my Sole pizza and it arrived extra tough and burnt ("wood-fired" to the core). Maybe I can chaulk this particular incident to various explanations, but had I initially not had great pizza there in the first place, I'd find it very hard to ever go back for a second try. The pizza I had tonight was absolutely unacceptable; in terms of appearance (too burnt to be considered wood-fired), taste (bland, overabundance of olive oil, extremely tough to chew) , and even arrival (it took more than an hour for it to arrive). Don't get me wrong, despite my disappointment with this latest foray, I'd go back; however, this is probably the last time I would ever dabble with delivery. Here's a good idea if you're interested; grab some friends or your other and head on over to the restaurant, followed by a stop over at the Vista. Opt for delivery if feeling adventurous by relying on the luck of the draw...maybe your experience will be better than mine.

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                I find that delivery from local pizzarias in LA is totally unreliable. For example, my first taste of Nicky D's (Silverlake) was delivery two years ago. It took almost an hour and was overcooked and cold when it arrived. Made me skip it until about six months ago. Some friends who lived up the street. We walked down and ordered two large pizzas for four people. Way too much food and we ate almost all of it because it was so delicious. Our friends who live nearby told us that every delivery they had was bad, but every in-house meal was excellent. I believe it. Similar experience with Hard Times.

                If you want to eat at home, take a minute to drive over and pick it up. You'll be able to check the toppings and get your pizza much more quickly.

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                  2nd mojoeater. Our delivery from Il Capriccio the other night took 2 HOURS!!!
                  (mid-week btw - not weekend). Thankfully, pizza was hot when it arrived, but it was almost too late to eat it. I learned my lesson until they get their delivery act together. Now we call ahead and pick-up. Much safer bet. The pizza has been delicious - haven't experienced any of the burnt issues - every trime we've gotten it.

              2. I've gone twice so far. First time, I just got a prosicutto panini. They keep it very simple...ciabatta bread, prosciutto, greens, and tomato. It was pretty good but it's a lot of bread for the amount of fillings. Second time around, I ordered the wild mushrooma and prosciutto pizza along w/ the arugula salad. I gotta say, their salads are very sub par. For $9, it was definitely not worth it. Even their mixed salad is not very good. The pizza on the other hand, I thought was pretty tasty. The crust is perfectly cooked (not too doughy and not too crispy). I guess they are trying to get away from the traditional pizza toppings like Mozza is doing. I would say the pizzas are comparable but I definitely enjoy dining at Mozza better for the wine, salads, and other items they have.

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                  Went today for lunch...had a slice of sausage and a small salad. Very good pizza-my kind of pizza-good chewy crust, flavorful sausage with fennel seed ..liked the place a lot . It's casual but there has been some attention to style. I liked the stacks of wood underneath the counter seats and the clear view of the pizza oven. It was BUSY at lunch,too.

                  Personally, I wish pizza places would stick to the traditional toppings.A "Tropicale" pizza just makes me shudder.

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                    Oh, come on, people have been eating ham and pineapple pizza for years and enjoying it just fine! In fact, I'm about to order one for my teenage son right now and I'll be perfectly happy to help him eat it.
                    Now chicken, I don't understand.

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                      We love this place and I keep on breaking my diet to go back -- our fav is the pizza w goat cheese, moz and tomato sauce (we add on mushrooms). IMHO much superior to Nicky D's -- I find their crust not nearly as tasty. Just wish Il Cap had more salad selections -- an antipasto would be nice.

                      Btw, we've only picked up pizza -- but sounds like their delivery is not so good.