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which La Parrilla location is best?

Do I go downtown, silverlake, or east LA? please help. thanks in advance

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  1. My vote is no for downtown. Haven't tried the others.

    1. East LA was great last time I was there.

      1. I have been to all three locations, I prefer the East Los Angeles location, it seems more authentic there, and the waitreses have more down to earth attitude.

        1. Isn't there one on Valley Blvd. in Alhambra? I feel like I drive by it all the time.

          La Parilla Mexican
          2938 W. Valley Blvd.
          (626) 289-2412

          I wonder how that one is.

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            This location would work for me, but is it better than Tacos Baja Ensenada? I just can't imagine anything better than that! But if you tell me so, then I will chase to try it.

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              Confusingly, I don't think La Parilla in Alhambra is related to the other ones. It is a pretty average Mexican place.

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                I'll take your word for it, Ernie. I haven't actually stopped to try it, but I have thought to do so, because I always thought it was the La Parilla that people said good things about on this board. Guess I was wrong. Thanks.

                liu, I can't recommend it, since I haven't tried it yet. :)

            2. The original La Parilla in ELA is best

              1. is the covina branch related ?? i like the place...nothing to brag about ( they do make their own tortillas...decent ) the margies..small expensive and average !!!

                1. East LA is the best in my experience, for both food and service. Silverlake has TERRIBLE service!

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                    I like the East LA or Downtown locations best. East LA has a close-knit feel to it (maybe because it is so small?), but Downtown is my favorite - probably because that is the one I go to most and went to first. I would recommend sitting on the patio and ordering the Filete al Chipotle. Really good. I also love their delicious beans!

                  2. I've only been to the one on Sunset in Silverlake, but three times in the past year. Enjoyed it everytime and looking forward to going back.

                    1. Took my friend for her first time (Wilshire location) on Saturday night before a comedy show downtown. She ordered the chicken tacos and was a very happy girl. I have never seen her eat so fast. I was not a quarter done with my meal and she was done!
                      I usually order the Filete al Chipotle (I am ADDICTED to it!!) but this time I asked the waitress what she thought - bearing in mind that the Chipotle is my most favorite thing. I asked her about some of the other Filete options; the Filete Arriero in particular. The description is "braised strips of tender beef loin w/melted cheese on top, green onions and cilantro paste, smothered with tortillas". She said it is good, but obviously different, personally, she preferred the Chipotle. Then her eyes lit up and said that they could prepare the Arriero for me but with the chipotle sauce. SOLD! It was DELICIOUS! Deeply flavorful and spicy sauce with tender cooked beef. The meat came in strips vs. the whole pieces that come with the Chipotle. I liked the melted cheese and grilled green onions. I will definitely order this again - but I will ask them to put the flour tortillas under the meat (so it soaks up some of the sauce) as it comes with the Filete al Chipotle. Damn, now I am craving it again!! The prices have gone up. I remember when the Filete al Chipotle was at $9.95 (as in the link I posted below) - now it is $12.95. Still definitely worth it with their phenomenal beans (the ones in the broth, not the refried) and the basic vegetable/pasta soup you get beforehand.

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                        I always order the filete arriero. I've loved it the way it is but will definitely have to try it with the chile chipotle. That sounds so good. I also love their tacos de pappas. So tasty. We love the E.L.A. location.