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Mar 13, 2007 03:48 PM

Ajiaco question #2: wine?

It appears that Cafe Colombia, while they do have the ajiaco my pa-in-law has been craving, does not serve any alcohol, which means he can't have his necessary wine, unless of course they allow it to be brought in. So: any more suggestions?

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  1. I've had the ajiaco at Cafe Atlantic in Pasadena (yes, I know it's a Cuban restaurant, but they do a great version of this) and they do serve wine and mojitos made from real fresh sugar cane juice. The menu is at:
    and more info can be found my clicking on the link on the website for Xiomara, its sister restaurant.

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    1. re: Hailyn

      This could be the best choice, provided that Xiomara hasn't gone and banished Cafe Atlantic altogether. Last word I got was not terribly encouraging; anyone been there lately? I have heard it's been demoted to a broom closet off the alley, probably a slight exaggeration...

      1. re: Will Owen

        Okay, this is NOT good...I just followed a link to and wound up in NoCanDo Land, with all the major search engines declaring bafflement. Not a total surprise, given the contents of a conversation I had with one of her former vendors a year or so ago, but if her site isn't even up, I'm having serious doubts about the restaurant(s).

    2. Perhaps Chibcha ? see post- tho I haven' t actually been there. ...any I wouldn't hesitate to call Cafe Colombia to see if they'll let the pater familias bring in his own wine.