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Mar 13, 2007 03:43 PM

Family Restaurants....Silver Lake, Downtown, Hollywood area

I am looking for a good family restaurant that can accomodate a large group and kids. This food doesn't have to be world class but good enough to celebrate a birthday on a weekend night. Thanks.

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  1. Malo, especially on the patio, lots of kids there earlier in the evening.
    Lucky Devils in Hollywood? I think you can reserve for a group.
    Freres Taix.
    Tam O'Shanter, but it's not cheap.
    Maybe Carousel in Hollywood?

    1. Barragans in Echo Park, Palermo's in Los Feliz, Taix's and The Pantry has that other side that they use just for parties check that out.

      1. Yes, Barragan's is a good idea, forgot about them!

        1. Clifton's downtown is a great place for kids and Barbecue King at Cesar Chavez and Sunset has a bouncer on the weekends. Camillo's in Eagle Rock is very family friendly and we often go to Marouch in Hollywood. If the kids are good eaters, there's Mae Ploy on the Silver Lake/Echo Park border, which seems to host a lot of big family dinners.