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Olivera Egg Ranch, SJ- Fresh Eggs, live chicken, balut eggs & more

Just found out about this place from my co-worker. I haven't been yet, but hope this info goes to others that can check it out before me. Greatest discovery yet!

Olivera Egg Ranch
3315 Sierra Rd (corner of Sierra Rd & Piedmont)
SJ CA 95101
Hrs: 7:30AM-8PM Daily

Fresh Eggs: all sizes, duck, quail, goose, balut (variety of days old)
Ice Cream; cheeses.
small convenient store

Live Chicken Market

If you want a freshly killed chicken it's available Sat 7:30am-10am

Hope others check it out before me and report back.

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  1. Really! I didn't realize that it wasn't out in the country. I'm a sucker for fresh eggs, and I don't believe I've ever had a freshly killed chicken. I think I'm going to go check it out.

    As an aside, we have a big egg ranch in Gilroy, on Monterey Road just barely within the Gilroy city limits. $3.50 buys a flat of fresh-laid jumbo eggs, and they also sell big bags of chicken manure cheap.

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      You have a good memory, apparently it used to be in Gilroy but moved operations to the Central Valley. Is the one you mention the former Olson egg farm?

      Fresh-killed chicken has a much firmer texture. Not for everyone, but I love it.

    2. No, Melanie, I believe you're talking about a different one. I don't know the actual name of the one I go to - I call it the "Gilroy Egg Ranch". I was just there a week ago, so it's still there. The folks who run it are nice, too.

      I think I'll go to the Olivera Egg Ranch tomorrow morning and see about freshly-killed chickens. The deal-breaker will be if they're sold plucked and drawn - I've never gutted and chicken and I think I'm too squeamish to start now!

      1. Oops, I should have called them first and then posted so I don't fill up the board.

        I just got off the line with Olivera. A worker there says they are organic chickens, young, and that they are plucked and "ready to cook", so I'm really going there tomorrow. If it all works out like they claim, I think it's chicken barbecuing time at my house tomorrow night!

        1. anyone check it out?

          1. I'm planning on going next Saturday morning. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

            1. Unfortunately, something came up and I was unable to visit there as planned. I still plan on going there eventually.

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                aargh. I drove down Monterey Road looking for the fresh eggs today but was unable to find the place. What's the name of the nearest cross street?

                1. re: choe p

                  it's not on Monterey Road from the info I have on my original post. Still haven't been so Please someone try it:

                  Olivera Egg Ranch
                  3315 Sierra Rd (corner of Sierra Rd & Piedmont)
                  SJ CA 95101
                  Hrs: 7:30AM-8PM Daily

              2. Does anyone know if these are pastured eggs? Did anyone actually see the lifestyle of the chickens?

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                  Hey Nate those reports are 3 years old. This article is only 2 years old.

                2. Very cool! Aren't these the people that pop up at a lot of farmer's markets? I'm pretty sure I've seen them in Pinole and Fremont.

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                    Yeah, they're at the Alameda Farmer's Market every Tuesday and the people are totally friendly. Good prices and nice selection.

                  2. It's a good place. I used to live right near there so we'd get balut, duck, and quail eggs there. They also have a "drive-through" service so you don't have to park the car if you already know what you're getting. I haven't tried the fresh chickens yet. It's on my to-do list.

                    1. I used to come here with my Mom waaaay back when I was a kid. It's great. I just recently started going again. I bought large eggs 18 count for $1.99!!

                      They have other groceries. Portugese sweet bread, tortillas, cheese, chorizo on and on it goes. Nice little quick stop.