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Mar 13, 2007 03:20 PM

Suggestions for nice lunch for Parisian Boss

I am taking my former employer out to lunch next Monday. Looking for something low-key, but somewhat upscale. It has to be fairly close to the University/College area (only have 2 hours), and would like to avoid the "suits" if possible (so Canoe is out). Help. Almost all places are either closed or don't do lunch!!!

Thinking Vertical maybe???

Want decent wine list too.

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  1. Is JK Wine Bar too casual? They do take reservations for lunch, and the wine list is lovely.

    1. What about going French-Canadian? Le Pappillion is a good choice. It's a little farther south than where you indicated - it's on Chruch Street just south of Front Street.
      They take reservations and also have an interesting wine list.
      Their website is

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        Ooh, sorry, I have a dissenting opinion on Le Papillon. Not very good food and very uncomfortable chairs. Two hours in those will not impress a former boss! :)

        1. re: TorontoJo

          LOL, those chairs ARE phenomenally uncomfortable, they actually make the restaurant memorable for that specific feature

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            Me too. Le Papillon is not a good choice

        2. fairly close by foot?
          Right at University/College is awful -- you could go west to Little Italy for say, Bar Italia or north to Yorkville like Prego (both are open for lunch)

          1. How about a truly Canadian (& lovely) experience at JK at the Gardiner. I was there a few weeks ago. It's an amazing space that's sure to impress - not very "suity" at all - on the top floor of the Gardiner Ceramic Museum right across from the ROM. The menu is Canadian-eclectic/multicultural with an intruiging selection of Canadian wines matched to the dishes. This would really fit the bill, I think & is in the 'hood. Make reservations - they are essential most of the time.

            1. Gallery Grill in Hart House. Very close to your intersection, good food in a non-pretentious, no suit atmosphere. Can't vouch for the wine as that's not my thing but they do have wine pairings by the glass on the menu and a winelist online (see link). Quebec cheese plate. Highly recommend any dessert featuring the salted caramel semifreddo but I also liked the fact that they asked if we wanted sparkling, still or tap water.


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                I second Gallery Grill, particularly if you like your former boss. It's a great place for a good long yak - quiet, sunny, calm.