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non-alcoholic beverages

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I just fractured my foot and the pain meds I am taking cannot be consumed with alcohol. Since it's my right foot and I'm not driving, I plan to take the narcotics for a few weeks until it heels. I also plan to eat out. So what are your favorite drinks without alcohol? I don't care for any pop/soda that is served in restaurants like Pepsi or Coke and want to see if there is something other than iced tea that folks enjoy.

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  1. How about an Arnold Palmer (1/2 ice tea and 1/2 lemonade).

      1. Ouch! My sympathies.

        I like mixing cranberry juice or pomegranate juice with fresh lime juice and club soda. Tangy and not too sweet. I got the idea from this thread:


        Epicurious has some nice "mocktail" recipes:

        Happy healing!

        1. usually water with lime and if i'm lucky, w/cucumber. otherwise cranberry and oj is yummy.

          1. Bitters and club soda.

            1. Lassi--sweet, mango, salty--I love them all, though they're practically a meal in and of themselves. Any sort of fresh-sqeezed juice is good or the almost-fresh squeezed stuff like Nantucket Nectars juices. Virgin bloody Marys, orchata, coffee milk, Italian sodas, club soda with a squirt of lime, and Thai iced tea are also tasty. And sometimes a big glass of simple, cold milk totally hits the spot.

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                I second the lassi and horchata. Both I find very refreshing. A somewhat exotic take on lassi would be ayran, a yogurt drink flavored with mint, salt and sometimes cumin. I discovered cucumber water during last summer's heat and became a quick fan, sometimes adding mint to the mix, sometimes club soda for fizz. Rooh-afza (rosewater syrup) mixed with either milk or soda is a treat from my childhood, though I find it too sweet nowadays. Other fruit/floral syrups can also be used to make great spritzers.

              2. Arnold Palmers for sure. I also sometimes order a Tiger Woods (Arnie with a splash of cranberry).

                Water with lemon. Pellegrino with lime. Limeade.

                For less than a dollar a bottle, in my local Albertsons grocery, there's a beverage in their ethnic foods (Mexican) aisle called Senorial. It's a non-alcoholic sangria, and I enjoy it.

                  1. I had a great cranberry/pomegranate juice the other day.

                    Ito En, a Japanese company, makes a very tasty drink from Sri Lanka black tea and apples. It has to be one of the best ice tea drinks I have had. (I think it was actually made in China) Many Asian markets carry it.

                    Simply Limeade and Simply Lemonade are really tasty in the refrigerated juice isle of the supermarket