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Mar 13, 2007 03:02 PM

Tamarac area Save me from Mother-in-law!

I will be going to the Tamarax Florida area with my husband and mother in law, I know she will want to go out for dinner with us, and here in lies the problem

she complains about EVERYTHING.. the food is too expensive, portions are too small (she is a heavy eater)
you get the idea.


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  1. Then perhaps she might enjoy Rio Vista in Sunrise (just west of University Drive on 44th St. in the Lincoln Park shopping center). The food is pretty good (wide varied menu), portions large (and they include soup and salad), and the prices very reasonable. Would I go there without my mother-in-law? Not likely as you will probably be the youngest people in there by at least 20 years if not more (other than the owner's daughters)! But it should fit the bill for what you need. If you want something that you will probably enjoy more than your mother-in-law, please give specifics as to type of food, prices, etc., and willingness to travel.

    1. Try La Vie en Rose in Margate on 441 just south of Sample Rd. Very nice French food, not expensive. Or else, try Rosanno's in Coral Springs in the Heron Bay Shopping Center on Coral Ridge, north of Wiles Rd, inexpensive Italian & they don't overcook the pasta! Or you can try Fra Diavalo on University just south of Commercial - if you go before 6:00, they have a dinner for the price of an entree (apprx. $18.00), you get soup, salad, entree & dessert.

      1. a little more info... MIL is over 90, and only likes "american" food (I perfer Thai) and her idea of expensive is anything over $15 a person...

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          I'll second the suggestions of meb's of La Vie en Rose and Fra Diavalo. Again, those two are restaurants I wouldn't ordinarily go to without the company of my elderly relatives; but they're perfect for those needs. In fact, my elderly aunt and uncle (90's) are in the photo "wall of fame" in Fra Diavalo. The food is fine and the prices very reasonable. As for Rosanno's, the food is ok there, too; but keep in mind, it's very basic strip shopping center ambiance and not nearly as nice as the others mentioned. My previous suggestion of Rio Vista is "american food" but like Fra Diavalo and La Vie en Rose, just a few dollars more per head than $15. Like my previous response to your pizza inquiry, perhaps you can find out what restaurants she likes and some of us can comment on those.