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Mar 13, 2007 02:57 PM

Vynl on Columbus

Any thoughts on Vynl (on Columbus and 84 Street) for a casual lunch? I would also welcome any other suggestions for lunch in that neighborhood(Broadway/Columbus 82-86) Thanks

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  1. If vynl is a sister to the hell's kitchen vynyl then it is probably pretty good. French roast on broadway in the low 80's is very good with it's usual brasserie look, feel and taste. they have outdoor sidewalk seating too.

    1. I like the one in Hell's Kitchen, too, though haven't been to the new one in my nabe, yet. I think someone gave a brief review of it recently if you want to try a search.

      I like Hampton Chutney Co. and Le Pain Quotidien for a casual lunch. If you don't expect authentic Indian, Hampton is pretty good IMO.

      I personally do not much like French Roast. It's not very interesting food and is overpriced for what you're getting.

      1. Good Enough to eat on 83rd and amsterdam. Terrific farm fresh breaqkfast food.I love the waffles, scrambled with dill, pancakes with orange butter etc. etc... If you are willing to eat breakfast food. Noit sure when they stop serving breakfast food...