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Pie for Pi Day?

We're having a little pi day celebration tomorrow by taking a break at 1:59 for some pie eatin'.

I was going to pick up a couple of pies at Mission Pie. Anybody have any other recommendations for excellent pie?

Happy Pi Day: Wednesday may not be a government-recognized holiday, but it's special to a lot of folks. It's Pi Day, specifically, for those fleeting moments of 3/14 1:59 a.m. or p.m., wherever you happen to be. Just think Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett's It's Five O'Clock Somewhere . If you're not a techie and don't understand, you'll find
an explanation here. [http://tinyurl.com/38k93d

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  1. It may be a bit of a trek for you, but if you're ever in San Mateo, head to Heidi's Pies on El Camino. People on the Peninsula know this place well. You can't go wrong with any of their cream pies, lemon meringue, apple, cherry, or blueberry. They're open 24/7.

    1. I had no idea they were still open! Years ago I got them to sell me five of their thin tin pie plates with HEIDI embossed on them. Good pies.

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        Yup, they're still around and practically an insitution on the Peninsula! And I'm happy to report that I love their pies as much as ever. Enjoy!

      2. By the way, this is a great idea larochelle. I was also planning on having a short celebration at 1:59, although I think I'm too lazy to go find pies. I hope it's fun :-)

        Happy Pi Day to all Chowhounds!!

        1. Too funny, my 8th grade son insisted we stop at Ikeda's on the way home from Tahoe so that he could bring some pies to school today.

          His class will be feasting on Dutch Apple and Marionberry.

          I thought Pi day was just a school celebration.

          1. Yummm ... it is wrong to stop off at Nation's for a piece of pie on the way to an appointment with a nutritionist?

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              not if you bring some for the nutritionist.

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                LOL! I didn't dare!

                I went to Nation's for lemon meringue but found that they now have apricot pie. So of course I had to have a piece of each. I love apricot pie because it tends to be less sweet than other fruit flavors; this was a pretty good version, as the filling wasn't overly gloppy and had a good apricot tang. The lemon meringue was, as always, quite good. Again, it's not too sweet, but tart and lemony. Not high-end frou-frou pie, but good, classic diner-style pie for a good price.

            2. I think that Mission Pie at 25th St. and Mission in SF would be a particularly good place to visit on Pi Day. After all, this place is all about education and has many high school kids on its staff. And their pies are very good. And if you can't get over there, then Destination Baking is another good place -- their owner is one of the owners of Mission Pie. http://www.pieranch.org/news/archives...

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                I went to Mission Pie. I got a Walnut Pie and a Pear/Raspberry Pie to share. Then I got a small Garlic, Rosemary, Beef pie for take home and have with a salad for dinner.

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                  Well, it's past 1:59...how were the pies you chose?

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                    Very good. A lot of people said "I think like Walnut Pie more than Pecan". I thought the raspberries really upped the ante on the Pear pie. And there was a crumble on top of the Pear/Raspberry pie that I thought was nice - not too sweet. I would definitely buy both again.

                    I also got a small garlic, rosemary, beef pie to take home and have for dinner - I'm really looking forward to that!

              2. Cute idea. This is a local company that will deliver the pie the next day iif the order is placed
                by a certain time. Might not be helpful this time but for future reference.

                Does Frog Hollow have pies, can't remember but if they did they would be killer.

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                  Frog Hollow has exceptional pies. (And I don't really like pie). During the holidays, they have pumpkin and pecan in addition to the stone fruit pies.

                2. Meant to post earlier, but what the hey, I can recommend the buttermilk pie at Red Rose Cafe in Santa Rosa.

                  1. mmm... I like Pi Day. Great excuse to double up on pies - we had a Cheeseboard pizza pie followed by a mini lemon meringue pie from Lola's on Solano. Fantastic meringue topping, although the crust was a little soft (maybe due to sitting all afternoon in a paper bag).