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Mar 13, 2007 02:49 PM

San Fran restaurants

coming out to San Francisco in May, looking for some good meals. what are the best restaurants in the City?

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        1. As you might know, San Francisco is a very popular tourist destination, and this question gets asked pretty much all the time on this board. If you can provide more specific information, you'll get much more useful responses, since your inquiry is extremely general.

          What area of the city are you staying in, and how far from your lodging are you willing to travel? What cuisines are you looking for? Where are you coming from? (So that we could suggest more uniquely San Francisco spots, or spots that represent cuisines you may not see as much where you live.) What price ranges are you interested in? Will you have access to a car, or are you using public transit?

          I'd recommend doing searches of the board for any specific cuisines or locations you're interested in, as a start, and you'll probably get a more fruitful responses.

          1. Wow, there must be so many threads on this and this question is so broad.

            FWIW, my very favorites are:

            Fleur de Lys- easily my #1 in the city on all accounts. Alsatian with some modern twists. Rediculously good. Beautiful room, expert service. 5 course pre fixe is $90ish, veggie is $70ish. Coat suggested.

            La Folie- not quite as good as Fleur de Lys and exactly the same price. But more casual and less Alsace-centric and more general French with maybe some Provencal influence

            A 16- Impeccable cooking, the best Southern Italian food I've ever had. Including in Southern Italy. Casual but incredibly trendy.

            Slanted Door- My #1 tourist destination. Modern Vietnamese the way only SF could provide. Awesome German wine list. Casual.

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              Oh, I love La Folie; whenever I'm in town, I make sure to have a meal there. Even though good French food is widely available these days, the combination of great food, service, and comfortanle ambiance is just right for me. Slanted Door is also always a must -- we are Vietnamese-deprived here in Indiana, but even if we weren't I'd make a stop at this very special place.