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Mar 13, 2007 02:48 PM

Decent Food in Queens/Brooklyn!

My wife and I have recently moved into Ridgewood Queens. While we love our neighborhood we have been having a problem finding decent places to eat. There are a lot diners which are great but other than that our only choices are pizza and Chinese.....or the really bad Chinese ran Mexican joints (the last time I tried one I was giving a burrito rolled in a Pita).

Here is what we have found so far:
La Fleur (Cuban/Dominican Food) really tasty and authentic
Ridgewood Eats (diner) good food
La Tratoria (Italian) very tasty but dated and tacky Italian

We are big fans Mexican, as well as Thai and Indian food.

any input would be great.

Thank You

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  1. If you can travel by car to over areas, then come over to Glendale via myrtle ave and turn at 88th street,--La Tavernetta is a very tiny Italian place, that has exceptional food at great prices. It is highly regarded on this board by several hounds, including myself. They have great eggplant parm, and chicken cutlet with fresh mozz and shallot vinagrette, and then lots of fresh pasta dishes, most of which are excellent, great eggplant rollatini, good tortellini soup, and good main entree's and night specials....not that far from you and worth the trip...Have you gone to Rosa's pizza on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood? They've got terrific slices--and good garlic knots...other than pizza stuff tends to be rather average...What about Polish, Kredens is good, albeit more expensive than your average Polish place---there was another Italian place mentioned called Antica on Fresh Pond Road that I've not been to, that received some raves here--you might want to check that place out as well............let us know what you find....,

    1. Thanks for the tips any leads on good Mexican??

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        For Mexican, we go to De Mole all the time in Sunnyside, were there last night

        1. re: janie

          ditto on De Mole.
          And don't be turned off if your service is less than stellar. The food is well worth it. The new staff is nice, but seem a little green. I am confident it will get better!

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          You will find a lot of authentic Mexican around the Myrtle/Wyckoff Avenue stop for the L/M train on the Bushwick/Ridgewood border. Also Salvadoran and more.....

        3. By all means, hit Bosna Express, a one-table shack complete with take-out window, for a Pjleskevica, a hub-cap sized burger seasoned to perfection and served up with onions and yogurt on a stove-toasted pita. This is one of my favorite burgers in the city, unconventional as it might be. The cevapi, little sausages, explode with flavor as well. The people who work there are very friendly, and will be happy to wrap your burger in silver foil if you're going a long distance (which I'm guessing is not an issue since you live around there).

          Can't give you the exact address - it's buttressed underneath the Forest Avenue elevated train - but, if you do a search, either on CH or the web at large, you'll turn up something.


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            A strong 2nd for Bosna Express.

            And if the OP has a car an occasional trip to Zum Stammtisch is a lot of fun.

          2. Thanks for all of the replies!!

            1. Hi, I am moving to Ridgewood next month and I was also wondering about decent restaurants and food in the area. I see this thread is like 3 months old so if anyone has any additional suggestions I would be interested. I've printed out this thread and I intend to check out all the suggestions. =)

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                If you don't mind going to the Brooklyn side of the border, there are a couple of very good Mexican places in Greenpoint (I like San Diego, on Manhattan Ave.). There is also a supposedly good Thai place in Greenpoint, whose name escapes me. And, of course, Polish food - try the place next to Rachel's fruit stand on Nassau.