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Mar 13, 2007 02:38 PM

Best Oysters

So I've been lurking on these boards, mostly because there have been so many great restaurant recommendations, that I've been busy out trying them.

Do you guys have a recommendation for the best oysters in LA, at a decent price? Think someone on a budget who can't spend $25 for 6, but doesn't want to buy some shady oysters out of the back of some guy's truck. I've been over to Ocean in Santa Monica for their happy hour, and I really like their sampler (6 different types of oysters paired with tasters of 4 different types of white wine). I think that's something around $15 or so.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Go to Whole Foods and they will shuck them for you! Fresh and delicious!

    1. Try "Quality Seafood" near the Arcade at the Redondo Beach Pier. They have many varieties of oysters with reasonable prices.

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        Was there two weeks ago, and enjoyed a dozen oysters at about $1.75 each - so good, and about 8 different varieties to choose from.

      2. King's Fishhouse has really, really good oysters and they between $10 and $12 for a half-dozen depending on which variety you want. My wife and I really like the Hama Hamas and the Kumamotos.

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          Good recommendation. King's -- the store in Calabasas, anyway -- usually has 6 to 8 varieties, and all I've tried have been good -- though I agree with wakko about the Hama Hamas and the Kumamotos, both of which are excellent. The place is crowded on weekends, so reservations are a good idea. But the hot tip is to grab a table in the self-seating bar -- particularly outside, if the weather is nice. You can get your oysters (or anything else off the restaurant menu), and if you get there before 6:30 you might just want to augment the oysters with one or more of the "easy hour" bar snacks, which are good and inexpensive. They include fried calamari ($3.95), fish tacos (3 for $4.75), an oyster po' boy ($4.95, and a terrific deal at that price) and several others. Plus a 16-oz. Bud draft is $2.45, and well drinks are $2.95. I also like the so-called N'Awlins BBQ shrimp, an appetizer portion of which is plenty along with oyters ($10), and my daughter swears by the po' boys -- particularly one made out of scallops, which is dynamite ($12).

        2. I love the oysters at Mirabelle on Sunset. I remember preferring the Hama Hama ones, but they were all great. I believe they are on special during their happy hour (from 4-7, 7 days a week!). See link:

          1. little-known fact, the Gumbo Pot at the Farmer's Market has decent oysters for 99 cents a piece. Can't tell you about the kind they serve, being French I only know the ones I can buy in my native Normandy.
            the ones at the GP are not the most fabulous on the planet, but they are fresh and always satisfying when I need a quick fix. With a glass of wine from the bar right across, it's a good way to spend an early evening.