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Mar 13, 2007 02:27 PM

box grater vs. rotary grater?

I love cheese but hate the thought of catching my fingers on a grater. So here's my question for you. Which is better -- a rotary grater with a fine and coarse drum, or a box grater with a hand guard like Microplane's Better Box Grater? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like the box grater because I can use it for other purposes as well, like grating ginger or shredding cucumbers and carrots.

    1. Microplane rules. So much more versatile.

      (If you like thin slices (of various materials including cheese) the Kyocera slicer is great too. But it does not grate in the fashion you are describing. Still an awesome tool, though.)

      1. I also think it depends on what you are grating.

        1. Im also a fan of the Microplane, but have a very cheesy (excuse the pun) box grater. Use that for larger quantities. Anybody have a suggestions where to get a stronger, somewhat more substantial box grater?

          1. Large objects don't fit in a rotary rotary grater does not replace my flat graters.
            But the rotary grater is handy to bring to the table, and when used properly is less messy, so it's nice to have for that purpose. It works really well for hard-boiled eggs, too.

            I've never worried about grating my fingers...just be careful and don't try to grate too small of an object or go too quickly.