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Mar 13, 2007 02:17 PM

Chocolate Lava Cake in MSP

It seems like warm molten chocolate cakes are a ubiquitous presence on restaurant dessert menus. But I really like them.

What restaurants do them well in the Twin Cities area?

So far, I've had an excellent cake at Campiello (Warm Chocolate Souffle Cake) and another very good one at W.A. Frost (warm cake with rocky road topping - not exactly a lava cake though).


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  1. Chambers Kitchen served one with vanilla bean ice cream that was delicious - the cake was still very light, and the chocolate was just sweet enough.

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      Given that Jean-Georges Vongerichten is considered, if not the inventor, a major authority on this dessert, I'd be surprised if any place else could make it better. Maybe different, but I doubt better.

      Haven't eaten at Chambers yet, though, so I can't comment from personal experience. I have had Campiello's version more than once and have always enjoyed it.

      - g

    2. Zelo's is pretty good. There's a write up of it in last week's downtown journal -- I didn't realize how much of it was made up of local or organic ingredients.

      1. looking for a chocolate cake with ganache in michigan preferably southern michigan. any ideas ?

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          ...You might want to post a separate thread for this question. That would be more likely to catch the attention of Michigan Hounds....

          Be sure to mention Michigan in the heading of your post.

          Hope you find one you like.

        2. I've had a good one at Barbette.

          1. I've had a good DOZEN or so at's perfect with a glass of red wine - which Barbette has plenty to offer.

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              well....I could have had a dozen too but have to watch my sugar..:)