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Mar 13, 2007 02:13 PM

Becco for vegetarians....

Has anyone gone to Becco and tried the pasta special? Is it possible to accomodate vegetarians?

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  1. At least one of the pasta specials is always meat-free. I love Becco. Despite the mixed reviews, and the fact that its usually PACKED, the food is very solid and usually well-priced. The pasta special usually has at least one really top-notch selection.

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      Can you order just the vegetarian pasta?

      1. re: shorts

        Looking at Becco's menu -- -- there does not appear to be a separate category for pastas, which leads me to presume that the only pastas available are the three which are offered for the ayce special ($16.95 at lunch; $21.95 at dinner). If that is the case, and you want only vegetarian pasta, it seems your only option would be to select just that one pasta when the servers come around with them. If I were a vegetarian, I wouldn't just assume that one of the three will be vegetarian-friendly. I would call the restaurant and ask. Plus, I would check to see if it might be possible to do the pasta a la carte.

        All that said, I have to say that, as regulars on this board know, I am not a fan of Becco. The last time we were there, though the antipasti were tasty, the ayce pastas were mediocre at best, i.e., very disappointing. Even worse, the noise level was truly deafening, so high that we could not converse around our table with shouting. One of the reasons for the unbearable noise is that they cram as many tables into each room as is humandly possible, so that you are practically elbow-to-elbow with neighboring tables. Overall, not my idea of comfortable dining.

        For very good pasta, including lots of vegetarian-friendly options, served a la carte, I recommend you consider Cascina, on 9th Av., b/t 45th & 46th Sts. My particular favorite is their ravioli, currently stuffed with spinach and cheese, in a light butter sauce. Yum! Excellent service; very pleasant, rustic ambiance; and a conversaton-friendly noise level.

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          And I would add - in total agreement with RGR on Becco - that you should also check out Roberto Passon (50th & 9th). They do an excellent job with pastas (most of which are priced under $15), and have several vegetarian options (especially if cheese is no problem), including their pumpkin ravioli, which is an outstanding dish.

          Their website is

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              I've had the pumpkin ravioli at Roberto Passon and, while I thought they were very good, the pumpkin ravioli I had at Cascina some time ago was more delicious.

      2. One time at Becco there was a pasta special with shrimp in it. When the server came around with it, I said "No thanks; I don't eat shrimp." He went into the kitchen and brought out some to which the shrimp hadn't been added yet.

        So yeah, they will accomodate you if there's an offending ingredient that can easily be omitted.

        1. Becco is my family's favorite stopping place in Manhattan, and my kids are vegetarians. We inform the waiter, and inevitably, along with the usual vegetarian pasta special, receive either mushroom ravioli with butter and sage sauce, or a similar pasta. They will make a batch of any other special except a meat or seafood lasagna or canneloni without meat as well. They are very, very helpful in that regard.