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Mar 13, 2007 02:12 PM

Need recs for dinner in the 30s East Side near Lex

My companion has said she wants either Mexican, Italian or "fancy." Anyone?

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  1. How about Vamos? It's not too far...20th and 1st.

    Here's a review from earlier today:


    1. For Italian go to A Voce ( Madison Ave & 26th)
      For fancy, Eleven Madison Park (11 Madison Ave & 24th) - Hands down, Highly Recommend

      1. Been to Eleven Madison - agree that it is wonderful! Perhaps I'll check out A Voce. Will we need a reservation if we go early (6ish)?

        1. I held an event and have eaten at 11 Madison. It's pretty good.

          I would suggest English is Italian at about 40th and 3rd. It is excellent. It hits Italian and is somewhat fancy.

          1. I've heard nothing but good things about I Trulli. I believe it's in the 20s near Lex. Two of my friends who are not friends per se, have gone on dates there and have raved about it! Esp. the orrechiette