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Saintsbury “Brown Ranch” 2003 - pinot noir

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Has anyone tried this bottle? Any thoughts? My friend recommends it and there is a fabulous price at local store.


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  1. Have not had the '03, but I've enjoyed past vintages very much.

    1. I've really liked it in past vintages, not had the '03. 2003 is a good vintage for Pinot (less so for Cab). If there is a 'fabulous' price on it, I would buy first, ask questions later.

      1. The '04 is drinking well too!. Had some last week. Lots of dark fruit and mild spice flavors. Sells as high as $60, but I see some online stores at under $40. That wide a range amazes me.

        1. i had some last week and was underwhelmed. especially for the price. i'm in boston, so don't know what you'd pay, but i'll wait till the next vintage comes out. i have liked it in the past, but pinot prices are getting ridiculous. they're going the way of napa cabs.