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Mar 13, 2007 02:02 PM

Restaurant Suggestions for 7, 34-year old females

Seven of us are flying in from around the country (SF, NYC, Chicago) for a 'girls weekend' and are trying to find a couple of good places for dinner in D.C. on Fri/Sat night. It's a bit tricky since some of us have plenty of cash to spend, while others don't, so we're looking for a place that will satisfy everyone, both from a food perspective and a financial perspective.

The only caveat is that we can't do sushi since one of our friends is pregnant.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. i may be mistaken, but i suspect you'll be getting a fairly positive recommendation for Dino sometime soon............ ;-)

    1. Central is becoming the "new" Dino (always recommended), but I think it would be a good place for a nice dinner out for a group of people. If you search for reviews, you'll see that many seem to really enjoy it. Also, since everyone is coming from all over country, you can report back on a Michel Richard restaurant without having to totally break the bank!

      1. Zatinya is a hip place with small plates for all budgets. Do a search and you'll find lots of write-ups.

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          Zatinya can be a madhouse on Friday/Saturday, but I think they've started taking reservations. Get there early, or try Jaleo down the street. Tapas would be a good choice, since you can budget accordingly and share lots of dishes.

        2. Seven people are coming into town, but 1 is pregnant so all can't do sushi? You should still consider a Japanese restaurant, and the pregnant girl can have either vegetarian rolls, or just regular japanese grub. I wouldn't rule out a sushi joint. In DC, try Sushi Ko in Glover Park, or Sushi Taro in Dupont Circle.

          1. I would have to second Zaytinya as a fun place to go for 7- 30-somethings. For my final night out with the girls (8- 30-somethings) a couple of weeks before my wedding, we went to Zola's for cocktails then headed over to Zaytinya for dinner. Very easy for everyone to order things they like, and to share with others.

            Other thoughts:

            Old Ebbitt Grill (quintessential DC, imo)

            For drinks (if the weather is nice, I don't know when you're coming in): The roof bar at Hotel Washington - food is terrible, so don't eat there, but the view is lovely.

            If you are feeling adventurous and want to move beyond the downtown area to a neighborhood, go up to Cleveland Park and eat at the Palena Cafe (not the back room, the front room) - fantastic food and service.

            Sushi: I second the recommndations above, and would also throw in Kaz Sushi Bistro. Or, you could go Korean and head to Yee Hwa.

            Indian: Head to Georgetown and dine at Heritage India (on Wisconsin Avenue) - might want to consider this for lunch, and shop in the Georgetown area the rest of the afternoon.

            Would also highly recommend Central for a nicer dinner out. It's not inexpensive (assume $70 per person, which would include cocktails and entrees and shared apps/wine/dessert) but you also get what you pay for in wonderful food and a fun vibe.

            Most, if not all of these places, have Web sites, so "Google" away! -- And have fun!

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              Zaytinya for sure. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a huge fan of the place myself, but I have never taken a date there that didn't rave about it. It is also a common girls-night-out dinner spot for my roommate (32). Something about it must really appeal to the fairer gender. It can get expensive to drink there but being a small plates place with a vast menu, people should be able to control their own expenditures if you split the bill accordingly.