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Mar 13, 2007 01:59 PM

Infuse gin with juniper berries, etc.?

I love gin, but often it is not "ginny" enough for me. I'd like it to have a bit more punch than it usually does and have wondered about infusing gin with juniper berries, lemon peel, etc. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? And, in the case of juniper berries, it is safe?

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  1. it does work and is safe. Where are you going to get the berries? Wild berries, must consider pesticsides and are the ripe. There is a right time to pick.

    1. i don't know if it's alright to post a commercial source for these, but penzeys sells culinary grade juniper berries, if that's any help to you.

      i've only tried adding them to some meats to reduce the gamey taste.

      1. Just bought some juniper berries the other day- different reason, but now I know what to do with the left overs-

        Great go to for all things spice, dried herb and tea:

        1. I find that opinions vary on the "ginny-ness" of certain gins so YMMV but I find Junipero to be the "ginny-est" gin in my collection. I've become a big fan of gin over the last several years so I've tried quite a few. I can't imagine wanting a more juniper-forward gin. Infusions are always fun to do but maybe the right gin can save you some trouble.

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            I find that while Junipero has a pronounced juniper taste that it also unidimensional and unbalanced. I don't consider it to be a great gin because it lacks other pronounced botanicals to balance out the juniper. It may have a dozen botanicals in it but they don't stand up to the juniper, or bring it together fully.

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              We may disagree as to the quality of Junipero but we certainly agree that it's a juniper-heavy gin. Considering that deleomeyer often finds gin to be insufficiently "ginny" and asks about infusing a juniper-based spirit with more juniper, well, I'd guess that balance isn't a priority.

          2. I have done this many times. I take a pint or so og a decent but middle of the road gin, add some cracked juniper berries (that I picked or from penzeys) some allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, grenn cardomom pods, etc. and let them steep for an hour or so. Not much longer than three hours max. I filter it and then I add to taste to the regular gin.

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              This sounds intriguing! I might try a few of the botanicals found in Bombay. Not sure where I would get cubeb berries, but I do have a few grains of paradise in my spice drawer. Thanks for the advice.