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Frozen Custard in Manhattan

Any good places to get some?

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  1. Shake Shack, but it doesn't open until next Wed

    1. anywhere else? i'm curious about this myself. it would be nice to have a year-round source, without mind-bending lines.

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        This question has come up before, and I believe that the answer is that SS is the only place in Manhattan. If you just want custard (and nothing fancy like a shake or sundae), then you can use the "B Line" and avoid the line.

      2. They used to have it at Custard Beach located in 2WFC and Grand Central Station. I heard that they moved to a new location. Does anyone know where it is now?

        1. Ray's across from Thompkin's Square Park off 7th St.

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            i'm pretty sure that ray's doesn't have it... they have great soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt, though.

          2. this is a great question. and as a milwaukee native, i am getting tired of having it shipped in from Kopps (which is an option). custard beach at GC has been closed for a few years.

            double rainbow ice cream from Trader Joe's isn't a bad backup. they don't call it frozen custard, but it's really dense and has a nice eggy taste.

            i'd love a Shack backup though.

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              Sorry to bump this, but I am definitely craving some real custard. Next time I go back to Chitown, I'm driving up to Kopp's. I can still remember the luscious strawberries and the velvety mouthfeel. In the meantime, did Kopp's taste the same or comparable shipped?

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                it ships well. you have to warm it up a bit - frozen custard is much more solid at freezer temperature than ice cream.

            2. I know you can do mail order from Ted Drewes in St. Louis, but it is very expensive, and their custard does not taste as good when frozen as solid as they do for the shipping.

              Shake Shack is the closest to Ted Drewes that I have gotten in NYC. Anything else just doesn't have the good eggy custardy taste. I just wish that Shake Shack had some of the flavor options that TD has...the Cardinal Sin sundae is my fav (vanilla custard, hot fudge, sour pie cherries) and SS has the cherries on RARE occasion...you have to be super on it, though, because it comes and goes in like 2 seconds.

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                This puts a whole new light on SS, which I've avoided, due to the crowds and high concept stigma. I may have to try it. Now if they can just do a burger truly RARE! I hear one gets pretty much medium, no matter what one orders...

              2. A friend shipped me 3 pints from Ted Drewes for my birthday in December. I'd never had real frozen custard and I have to say....It was freakin excellent!!
                I enjoyed it so much that I checked out the pricing so I could reciprocate and it's not that expensive. Bottom line, if the area you live in doesn't have what you're looking for and you can get it online, it's a great option.