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Mar 13, 2007 01:08 PM

Whole Lamb for Greek Easter

In past years we've bought our lamb from P&F Meat Market in Wheaton, but today I drove over and discovered a Western Union in their place and the phone disconnected.

Any ideas where I can find one for April 8? Maybe the DC wholesale market?


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  1. How far around the DC/NoVA/MD area are you willing to go? In NoVA there's the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church, right off Lee Hwy. Good quality, prices, etc. I'd wager that any halal butcher worth its salt would carry whole lambs.

    Good luck.

    Cocinero Cubano

    1. You can get a good one at the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church. They specialize in lamb and the proprieter owns his own halal slaughter house to supply the butcher. The meat is halal and supposedly much better than what you can get at most markets.

      1. Koko Market in Baltimore, not too far from Johns Hopkins Bayview campus.

        6020 Eastern Ave
        Baltimore, MD 21224
        (410) 633-0597

        Remember, the smaller, the better. My rule of thumb is never anything over 20#.