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Mar 13, 2007 01:07 PM

Pho in Lower Westchester?

So, I did the requisite search before posting this and while I found many "Pho in [insert specific tristate location here]s?" I did not see anything about lower westchester. Does anyone know of any restaurants in lower Westchester that serve Pho (good or bad)? Any vietnamese restaurants, in general?

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  1. None at all. You have to go to Rockland or better yet take the train to the city.

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    1. re: rolise

      I agree. This question gets asked every few months, but so far it's Queens or Manhattan for pho. I live in lower Westchester and make the 35 minute run to Queens, or longer to Manhattan, every now and then for my pho fix. I sure do wish that there was a Vietnamese place in WC serving great pho and banh mi.

      Rolise, where in Rockland is there good pho?

    2. There is a Vietnamese restaurant in Rockland County called The Vietnam. I have not been there so don't know about the Pho, but at least they have one.

      1. yes, true, at least they have one. Thanks for the info. I know ppl ask this every once in a while, but since no one has posted this question in a while, I figured it was worth asking again, in case anyone had made any discoveries lately.

        1. I just found out about one place that serves pho in westchester. It is Ace Cuisine in Thornwood, an Asian / French Cuisine restaurant, run by an Indonesian with a Chinese chef, and thai, tex-mex, and cajun accented dishes.

          I don't know how good it is but they charge $11 for the pho! Since it costs less than 1/2 that in Queens or Manhattan I don't know if I will try Ace any time soon.

          has anyone else tried Ace Cuisine?

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          1. re: JMF

            $11? I can drive to Chinatown for a bowl of authentic Pho for less and that includes gas!

            A couple non-Chowhounders have told me to try Ace. I think they just want my opinion more than anything else.

            1. re: pabboy

              But that does not include tolls and parking. I am sure your Chinatown bowl of pho will end up costing you much more that $11.00

              1. re: lichint

                I drive to Manhattan everyday. There are many way to get in without paying toll (and still avoid congestion). Plus I always park on the street when I do go eat in Chinatown (I know a few spaces that are available 90% of the time). If I had to pay for toll and parking, that bowl better be Phogasmic!

            2. re: JMF

              I was in the area yesterday and stopped by to try Ace's version of pho. It was sort of a gussied up version of pho that was more like a Japanese udon soup. The bowl wasn't as big as I normally expect with pho and it had less broth. the broth was heavy on star anise but not on flavor. The noodles were sounder cooked that they were annoying. There were no fixings on the side. Some yellow bean sprouts and a few basil leaves were thrown on top. The meat slices in the pho were all stuck together, sort of tough, and not too flavorful. All in all it was definatley not pho.Similar, but not the real deal. And for $11 it was a total waste of money.

              That said the other dishes on the menu were very interesting. I had a seafood "ceviche" in a yuzu guava sauce with herbs that wasn't really a ceviche since the majority of seafood in it was cooked. But it was very tasty.