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Mar 13, 2007 12:58 PM

Mexican Place at 14th/Boren/Jackson/Rainier

Does anyone know anything about the mexican place at the big intersection of 14th, boren, jackson, and rainier? Perhaps it's just ho-hum fast food even.. I don't know, but I pass their big vinyl sign almost daily, and have been meaning to stop by.

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    1. re: sophie.

      I dunno, maybe? :)

      So it is a grocery/butcher, or do they have prepared food?

    2. I think you must mean the Carniceria Azteca, as sophie notes. It's just a butcher/grocery, last I was in there (plus soccer jerseys, remittances to Mexico, etc.)

      For Mexican food, it's hard to beat the South Park neighborhood in South Seattle. I love Muy Macho (others have written about it), but there's also a great Mexican bakery and a Mexican seafood place I've been meaning to check out. Plus a party supply store with lots of pinatas and candy/party favors, etc.

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      1. re: southendeater

        I live in Columbia City and I don't often get over to South Park -- even though it seems so close. But last time I was on Beacon Hill-- to try Galaxie's Baguette Box sandwiches-- I saw a very intriguing Mexican restaurant next door. I think it's El Quetzal, but I'm not sure. It's been briefly mentioned-- no description or review-- in another thread. As it's in my neck of the woods I'm anxious to try it, but I also want to avoid disappointment so I'm asking first. Has anyone been there?

        1. re: sophie.

          It's very good good DF-style Mexican. Huaraches, pambazo, etc. Worth a visit, especially when it's busy and the turnover's high.