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Mar 13, 2007 12:54 PM

Tree Restaurant/1st Ave?

Opened in what once was Brunetta's. French menu. Anyone been? I'm particularly interested in the cassoulet and the french toast.

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  1. Went but tried neither of those. We had the sea bass and braised short ribs. It was pretty decent but overpriced in my opinion. I prefer Resto Leon close by, which is French bistro with some very slight tweaks, and is cheaper.

    1. I had to add my two cents after reading the last comment. Tree has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Not only is the ambience comfortable, cozy, yet still stylish, but the food is remarkable. Which, of course, should be the center point, non? I introduced a group of friends with savvy palates to Tree the other night and we all ordered different dishes for sharing purposes. One of the comments was, "This is the first in a long time where I've been amazed with every dish I tried." We all nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

      I have yet to try the cassoulet, but I've made my rounds to the salmon, lamb, short ribs, trout, steak au poivre, foie gras (MELTS!), escargot, beat salad, eggs benedict, ricotta pancakes, french toast and I can't leave out a chocolate mousse that made most of us warm inside. All are impressive and the better news is the average dinner entree is around $18.

      Tree should not be missed.

      1. I went on Friday night and had the cassoulet - it was great. Thick pieces of meaty bacon in a wonderful sauce composed of smaller bits of bacon and beans. The brunch menu sounds very good and that would be the opportunity to try the french toast. The place is cozy with a lot of natural wood used in the decor and seating. The staff is very friendly - I had a chance to speak with the co-owners, one being the chef who is ex-Gramercy Tavern. I could tell that he was very passionate about his cooking and I could taste it in the food.