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Mar 13, 2007 12:52 PM

India (Hope St. Providence)

I can't seem to find a specific post dedicated to this restaurant, so here's one. We went there this past weekend for dinner (their brunch menu is very appealing, and we might try it too) and it was fabulous! Tasted a variety of things -- disclaimer: I'm not an expert in that type of cuisine, but I'm familiar enough with it and quite simply recognize good food when i taste it -- and it was all VERY FLAVORFUL and yet somewhat delicate. The portions were not overly generous. The atmosphere + decor were very pleasant (the place was mostly empty, though... ) Definitely recommending it. It was good when we went a few months ago, it was good last year, and it is good now.

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  1. I have been there a handful of times and like it, as long as I am prepared not to have traditional Indian food. There is not enough heat or cream in their cooking compared with traditional Indian, but for what it is I enjoy it. I love the remodeling they have done, the service is usually good, and the owner is very nice.

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      "not enough heat" : interesting! To us, there's plenty of heat! As I said i'm no expert in Indian cuisine. Where can you find authentic Indian food in RI (and if nowhere in RI, in the Boston area?)

    2. Try Not Just Snacks on Hope St. It's incredibly tasty and comparable to other "authentic" Indian food I've had [quotes because I haven't been to India (the country), I've just been to restaurants that others described as authentic to me]. The ambiance is nonexistant and the service is overly attentive, but the food is great. Try the aloo puri -- a crispy puff that you crack open and put yummy condiments in. It's Bombay street food and a great start to your meal.

      1. With all the above, Agreed! Only once in many visits did anything seem less than sparkling fresh. You get atmosphere worth lingering in for the same or not much more $ than formica and fluorescent surroundings will run you these days.

        1. I also love India in all its inauthentic glory; it's occasionally nice to go out for Indian flavors and feel like I've salvaged some shred caloric dignity.

          I especially enjoy sitting on the patio in the warmer months and sipping on a tall glass of their outstanding iced tea with honey and fresh mint.

          1. Ironically I ended up going to India on Hope Street last night for dinner. The owner was again extremely nice to us, gave us a complimentary app - basically Indian nacho's. Very tasty. And he also gave us a free dessert, can't remember the name, but basically two small dough balls (think munchkins) in a very light honey sauce, and some other flavors. It was excellent!