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Mar 13, 2007 12:23 PM

Paring knives

I'm in the market for a paring knife. What size should I get? 3", 4" 4 1/2"? I am a female with small hands.

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  1. I love the stamped steel Forschner paring knives. The nylon contoured handle is very comfortable, they hold a great edge and quite inexpensive.

    I have both the 3.5 and 4 inch paring knives in my kitchen

    1. I recently purchased a L'economie paring knife and a utility knife from Williams Sonoma, they are very lightweight and the paring knife fairly small (3.5" blade). I find the handles quite comfortable and the knives sharp and easy to use. Also, they're cheap!


      1. They're cheap, so get two. I have a shorter one that's good for peeling skin off things, and a longer one for cutting fruit. I don't find much use for paring knives other than these two uses.

        1. If you have small hands, try some of the paring knives from the Japanese -- either the Shun or the Global. Both are very good, and balanced just right.

          I currently am using a 4 1/4" paring knife from Global, and it works like a charm.

          1. The Mundial forged ones are a great deal - ~ $10 or so at a kitchen supply store. Probably more than adequate for most people's needs, and they have multiple lengths. I've heard you don't want to spend too much on a paring knife - since sharpening takes off metal, small knives don't last as long as chef's knives... plus you don't end up using them anywhere near as much as a chef's knife.