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Mar 13, 2007 12:22 PM

Cairo - Heliópolis

Any food or nightlife recommendations for Cairo? We'll be working in Heliópolis; Budget not an issue, food criteria: good of any sort.


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  1. go to chili's man seriously! it rocks,it's not egyptian food! but it's amazing

    1. If you want really good food, catch a cab and go to Zamalek. You'll find a lot of upscale places there and some good shopping, too.

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        We spent two weeks in Heliopolis last summer, and I have to say that the dining options were not that good. What hotel are you staying at? We' were at the Heliopolis Meridien, and the Thai restaurant in the lobby was really pretty good. We also liked the Syrian restaurant in what used to be the Sheridan and they had a decent Asian as well. You won't find many Egyptians in these places since the prices are quite high for their budgets. We ate at a schwerma place in Heliopolis that's part of a small chain (the name escapes me) and your hotel should know what it is. We ate frequently at the Helioplis club and had some decent meals there, but you'll need an introduction to get inside the enclave. Zamalek is far from Heliopolis, and driving yourself is not recommended. The traffic is extremely daunting, to say the least. Get a driver if you want to go there. The regular cabs are extremely cheap, but are so old that long trips can kill you with an overpowering smell of gas. If you go to the Cairo forum on Trip Advisor you will find some other ideas. One poster, Cairo Wendy, is a British woman married to an Egyptian who lives in Heliopolis. She will be able to help you!