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Mar 13, 2007 12:19 PM

best cheese enchiladas & best steak fajitas in LA?? please help

so heres the deal, my girlfriend and I have been dieting so we only go out to eat once a week(on saturdays) and this saturday we are going to do mexican, now I love love love steak fajitas and my girlfriend loves cheese enchiladas and we want to try a new restaurant but since this is our only day of the week that we get to treat ourselfs it could be tricky, so please someone rec. me the BEST place for me to fulfill my intense steak fajita addiction and also somewhere that would satisfy my girlfriend(with good cheese enchiladas). thanks

I hear that La Parilla has awesome steak fajitas(and that they specialize in grilled meats) but my girlfriend is a vegetarian so im sure they have cheese enchiladas i'm just afraid that they won't be very good, and I dont want my girlfriend to be dissappointed. Also I hear that the boyle heights location is good, but we live pretty close to the silverlake location, is it as good? or should we head out to east LA? haha thanks

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  1. I would not recommend La Parrilla for cheese enchiladas. La Parrilla specializes in dishes served on a hot comal, hence their fajitas and the like are quite tasty. They also have good guacamole. However, when I've ventured away from the grilled items to things like enchiladas, rellenos, and tacos, I've not been particularly thrilled with my food. They have several vegetarian items on the menu which I've not sampled, so maybe something other than cheese enchiladas would be to your girlfriend's liking?

    I like both the enchiladas and the grilled steaks at Malo -- maybe that would be a better fit for the two of you. Plus, you can "control" the splurge by ordering your rice/beans a la carte.

    1. Flame on!

      I really like the fajitas at the Atwater Village Acapulco. Tasty real steak and the veggies are not overdone into mush. The light spice is delicious.

      WARNING! I have tried them at the Acapulco in Northridge and found them only a notch above vile.

      1. The closest you can get to home made enchiladas is at a whole in the wall in East L.A.
        on Olympic Blvd. It's called Mi India Bonita.

        Everything is delicious and soooo reasonably priced.