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Mar 13, 2007 12:13 PM

decent blood oranges???

does anyone know where I can find decent blood oranges in downtown Toronto? Not the super-sweet ones, but the ones wrapped in cellophane that taste slightly piney....I could rant about the increasing sweetness of fruit / vegetables and breeding for appearance rather than taste (pineapples etc) but that is best left for another posting

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  1. The seaon is almost over, it started in January. The blood oranges from Italy have been available at Sun Valley on Danforth Ave. for about 3 weeks. They have the red paper wrappers and are more tart than the ones from the USA. I just ate one before I posted!

    1. We were buying Italian blood oranges (the ones with the wrappers) from Family Foods at the St. Lawrence Market for most of January and February, but we gave up in the first week of March b/c they were getting really underripe for my taste. That said, if you still want to give them a shot, Family Foods is the greengrocer in the most northeasterly corner of the south market, on the main floor. Good luck!

      1. I bought some blood oranges today from Sun Valley, they are on sale for $0.99 /lb

        They are from either Morocco, Italy or USA

        I just tried one of the Moroccan ones since I've never seen them before. They are very similar to the ones from the USA in taste, but are egg shaped. They are sweeter than the Italian ones, which we like best.

        1. The blood oranges from Italy are genrally of the moro variety tend and to be sweet with a hint of tartness...the california blood oranges tend to have no tartness whatsoever...basically a navel orange with red most california fruit they tend to be pumped full of water, which somewhat reduces their flavour