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Mar 13, 2007 12:13 PM

Need Special Occasion Restaurant that meets my criteria-- please help!

I need suggestions for a special occasion restaurant in the LA area. Here's my criteria:

1) Entrees average $50 a person or less

2) The food has to be really delicious; can be ANY cuisine except French. Steakhouse suggestions are particularly welcome.

3) Warm ambience, non-pretentious atmosphere.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Spago is good. Valentino?

    1. Not a steak house, but might Campanile work? Have had some nice, largish special-occasion meals here. Mondays are family-style with different menus each week...

      1. I would go for Pace...amazing ambience, very relaxed Italian food. You can sit "inside" while still ebing exposed to the outside, and take a nice hilly drive to get there, which is good for conversation. The entrees are well within your range, and everything that I have gotten there has been authentic.

        2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd (Cross Street: Kirkwood Drive)
        Los Angeles, CA 90046View Map
        (323) 654-8583

          1. Saddle Peak Lodge. Game and other less common meats, including elk, buffalo, quail, and squab on the menu. You'll find a very warm, hunting lodge atmosphere with great service. Here's the site:

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              I actually had settled on Saddle Peak Lodge, but I showed the menu to my fiance, and he thought his family wouldn't be able to handle all that game :)

              So far, I'm thinking Spago unless anyone else has any great suggestions. Thanks everyone!

              1. re: mmk

                Spago's great. If you can get the reservation in time, I'd say go ahead with that. If you're willing to drive east, the Ritz Carlton Huntington in Pasadena is also a fine dining place, in a warm, quiet atmosphere set among a classy residential neighborhood. There are surrounding gardens you can walk through pre or post dinner, too. The chef, Craig Strong, is famous for his innovative dishes and international tastes (he's worked all over the world for Ritz and restaurants).

                Have you also considered Grace? Or, perhaps a restaurant with an ocean view, like Geoffrey's?