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Mar 13, 2007 12:09 PM

Hot dog/Hamburger stands in Westchester

My family loves to go to Roadside burger places such as Red Rooster(Brewster). I enjoy going in the warmer weather as well but no place that we have found offers up any healthy options. As a treat, I might go for the fried clams and ice cream but on most occasions I prefer to eat well. Does anyone know of a Drive-In sort of place that has a healthier option than the typical bugers and fried foods? Thanks, I hate to give up those fun visits but don't want to add the extra summer pounds!

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  1. The Pony Express in Pleasantville has organic hot dogs and "sliders" in addition to regular and sweet potato fries. They offer a couple of salads and 2 types of chilli. The salad I had was topped with "saddle bags" (chicken pieces) and was good. It is worth a stop.

    Also, although not a healthy alternative, Walter's hot dogs in Mamaroneck is a landmark to say the least. They are my favorite hot dogs when we are down county.

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      I like Pony Express a lot, but it's not really a drive-in. It's more a park-if-you-can-find-a-place-and-walk-in. But I heard that if you call in advance, they'll run out and bring your order to your car.

    2. Walter's hot dogs are an institution, with the pagoda shaped building, but personally I find the dogs unremarkable, bland, and even the "relish mustard" is bland. Their sweet potato nugget things are really weird, mushy, and strange tasting. They make homemade ice cream and shakes/malts which can be good.

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        Yeah - someone who also doesn't "get" the Walter's thing. The hot dogs are Oscar Mayer-ish to me and with only ketchup, mustard and that Walter's mix of the two I really can't understand why people love them.

        1. re: laylag

          I think it's more nostalgia than anything else. I grew up in southern Westchester and it was a fun treat for the family. I do not claim to be a hot dog connoseur by any means, but desserts on the other hand...

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          Jumpin' in on the "I don't get Walter's" parade. I think any Nathans stand in a mall makes a better hot dog, and the fries, while ok, are only that. I think the point is that Walter's re-creates one of those roadside stands we remember as a kid where the food was unexpectedly remarkable.

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            I think it's the "institution" part that keeps folks going back to Walter's. Generations of families swear by it. The first food recommendation I got, after moving to Southern Westchester, was "You've got to go to Walter's!" Like you, I'll have a milkshake, and get a hot dog for my grandchildren.

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              I can't really believe what I am reading. Walter's hot dogs are anything but bland, the mustard is phenomenal, and comparing it to Nathan's is just absurdity. Nathan's holds nothing on this place. They are definitely one of a kind and I could not love any other hot dog the way that I love Walter's. They are cooked on a grill in a special sauce, the curly fries are my favorites, and the milkshakes can't be beat! "The potato nugget things" are buttery and delicious as well, never mushy and no one else has anything like them.

            2. What about Frank's franks in Rye Brook near the Doral hotel? They have a pretty big menu for a hot dog truck. It's my nephew's favorite "restaurant". I like the chicken sandwich.

              1. Thanks all. I will try Pony Express, never been. I agree with the comments on Walters. I have been many times in my younger days but now I don't really get the hype. The dogs aren't that good.

                1. Where is Frank;s franks? It sounds interesting. I am also not a fan of Walter's personally - we went and waited forever for a hotdog that I could have made myself. On the other hand there is a great place that surves franks and chili in Valhalla - So Dam Hot (it is near the Dam). Their franks are pretty good. There is also a great Dog place in Greenwich but I have forgotten the name - I'll type it later when it comes back to me.

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                    Frank's Franks is just off of King Street along the road across from the Doral Greens complex. I think it's where Anderson Hill Road meets King Street, actually. I like a lot of things that they serve, not just franks.
                    I am very not into Walter's...I think they taste weird.

                    1. re: MRS

                      Nooooooooooooo! Frank's Franks is GONE! I drove out today specifically to go there. He is gone, and a fence is going up. I went to ask at the liquor store up the road and someone there said that the town made him get off the property. He said that the last he heard, Frank was looking for a new location nearby, but nothing definite yet. If anyone knows more, PLEASE let me know!

                      1. re: misspastina

                        Any opinons out there about "The Little Spot" in North White Plains?

                        1. re: Nancy C

                          the "idea" of a roadside place is the best part ,there food is only fair, while not a roadside place, i would rather go to so dam hot in valhalla, very close to little spot but very good (tiny) luncheonette