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Mar 13, 2007 12:02 PM

Asheville - Rezaz's...ok, so it is good

Alright so you can all say "I told you so" We had a business dinner at Rezaz's recently and the meal was very good. I'm still not a big fan of the presentation of the caesar salad (entire endive leaf) but everyone was very pleased with their entrees....bison ossobucco (melt in your mouth), sea bass, lamb shanks....service was great...I still think it is about the same class as 28806 in West Asheville - but Rezaz's is more pricey.

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  1. We've been there twice, and the only bad thing we've had was an over-done flank steak. But, you're right, for the price I can think of half a dozen or so other places in town I'd rather eat, including 28806.

    1. Had lunch here after spending the morning on the estate. The lunch boxes are a pretty good deal for $9. Of course I ordered 2, the chicken tagine and Catalonian seafood. Instead of 2 lunch boxes, I had the seafood on risotto for $2 more. The seafood was great, tender fish and mussels with a flavorful sauce. The A team must've been in the kitchen on this Saturday.