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Mar 13, 2007 11:50 AM

Good Place for Sandwiches Near a Picnic Area?

I know this is a rather specific request, but can anyone think of good sandwich/sub shops, delis, markets, or cafes within walking distance of a place to picnic? Today's weather really has me thinking of getting the blanket out, along with a good book and a radio. Anyplace inside Route 128 would work for me.

I wish the Arboretum allowed picnics, as there seem to be some food places right there, but....

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  1. The Whole Foods at Fresh Pond -- there is a huge park behind it with benches, walking paths, etc.

    1. True Grounds + Powderhouse Park
      Cardullos or Darwin's + the park by the JFK School of Government.

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      1. re: fenian

        JFK Park in Cambridge is terrific for picnics and people watching. Hi-Rise on Brattle St. is another good sandwich take-out option.

        1. re: kittychow

          Or a steak and cheese from Pinocchio's! Or a sandwich from Cardullo's! All are good options near the Harvard Square section of the Charles River.

      2. Artu Beacon Hill and the Esplanade.

        Via Lago (pricey) in lexington and either head out the bike trail to a convenient location or there is a cool little hill and boulders up the steps near the library.

        Mangia Mangia or Fresh Cheese (or calamari from daily catch) then hitch it over to Christopher Columbus. Also Umberto depending on the hour and Limster has Volle Nolle next door a couple of times but I have never been.

        1. Kind of a different vibe, but one of the best things about working downtown in the good weather is grabbing lunch at Al's, Italian Cafe, or Sultan's Kitchen and enjoying it in Post Office Square.

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          1. re: finlero

            I know several people who work near PO Square (and am very jealous on days like these!). One of my friends swears by Al's for their steak and cheese.....

            1. re: hiddenboston

              The [presumably heroin-laced] bread at Al's and IC is so good that I'm usually perfectly happy to keep it light with a plain old turkey sandwich.

              Having said that, Al's steak and cheese is pretty ridiculously tasty.

          2. How about a Kelly's Roast Beef sandwich or double cheeseburger and bringing a chair to sit at Revere Beach? It might be a little cooler near the ocean but the view is fantastic.