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Mar 13, 2007 11:38 AM

Copley Area challenge

Hello all,

I am a Toronto 'hound who will be in Boston between Sunday and Thursday of this upcoming week. I will be staying at the Westin in Copley Place.

My wife & daughter will be joining for this trip, which is great but leads to three challenges:

1) My wife is on a gluten free diet, which makes the standby pizza / pasta / sandwich places tough

2) My daughter is only three weeks old, which means that we sometimes only have 1-2 hours between feedings (which my wife prefers to do in private vs. in a busy restaurant)

3) I am tied up during the day, which means my wife is on her own for lunch

Any suggestions for places in the area would be much appreciated. Budget is not an issue, and we like most kinds of cuisine. I would appreciate two types of recommendations:

1) Places that are within easy walking distance (say 15-20 minutes each way) -- setting up car seats in taxis can be a bit of a hassle -- that would be baby friendly (especially lunch places)

2) Places that are within a ~10 minute cab ride that do great dinner takeout (in case we want to eat in without having to order room service)

The only place I have tried in the area is the Legal Sea Foods in Copley, which we will definitely visit, but other ideas would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Your wife may want to try B. Good for lunch (next to Back Bay Station) or walk over to Flour Bakery (approx. 15 mins). Bar 10 in the Westin has a great salad that I love and I'm totally blanking on the name but that would be another option. Panificio (Mass Ave or Charles Street) has ample seating and would be baby friendly as well for lunch.
    I would recommend Douzo (sushi- right near the Westin Copley), Eastern Standard (French Bistro type food in Kenmore), Grotto (Italian- more Northern; Bowdoin Street, sort of near government center), Bristol Lounge (great burgers- in the 4 Seasons on Boylston- lots of space).

    1. Just FYI I have been told that Legal has a gluten free menu.

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      1. brasserie jo, bouchee, douzo, bristol lounge, eastern standard, pierre robert all will be pretty baby friendly, and great for either lunch or dinner. while none of them specifically do "gluten-free" their menus are varied and their chefs considerate. they're all within a 15 minute walk of copley square. for a nicer dinner, maybe davio's or laurel. just call ahead and let them know you'll have an infant, so they can arrange a suitable table in advance.

        1. Cafe Jaffa is a little middle eastern spot on Gloucester St (between Boylston & Newbury, I think) that might work. It's a very easy walk from Copley.