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Mar 13, 2007 11:37 AM

Ground Yak, What to do?

I have a pound of ground yak defrosting in my fridge and I'm wondering what to do with it. Last time I bought it I make tacos with it, and they were good, but I was thinking there must be something out there that is more, I don' t know, authentic?

Does anyone know what ground yak meat is normally used for? Any family recipies out there? Anyone know which culture uses it? Tibetan?


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  1. No recipes, but I *believe* Nepalese cuisine uses yak meat....

    1. I've never run across a yak meat dish in Nepal or Bhutan.Yak butter tea, however, is Tibeten. Try googling Tibeten cuisine.

      1. You're in luck: look for pleasurepalate's current posting on a Nepalese restaraunt in Pasadena. They ate some yak momos, which should be just right for your ground yak meat.

        1. Hiya Churchka! My understanding is that Tibetans and Mongolians and people from regions where yaks are more common don't really eat the yaks, they milk them. It's not a highly coveted meat b/c it's not fatty. I've never had it and I have traveled in that part of the world. From what I've read, you can use it the same way you use ground beef, except it's healthier. As for authentic recipes, I'd find any Tibetan or Mongolian recipe that uses meat and sounds good to you, and then use yak. Perhaps this might appeal to you...


          If you make momos, you might want to add in a certain amount of fat to make them really tender and juicy.

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            Oh interesting:

            I have to rescind the part about adding fat. Looks like this momo recipe calls for extra lean ground beef or ground yak.

          2. I've never eaten Yak before, but there was a recipe on here not to long ago about someone who stufeed peppers with it. I tried searching for it but could not find the recipe.