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Mar 13, 2007 11:37 AM

ISO of best juicy ribeye steak chimchurri in LA

Hi there,

My BF and I literally salivate when we think of this amazing grilled ribeye w/chimichurri sauce we had in, believe it or not, a Latin fusion restaurant in Big Bear back in Jan.

We're craving another fix and were wondering where we could find it in LA.

Anxiously awaiting replies... :)

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  1. Carlitos Gardel on Melrose - very good steak, excellent chimichurri and do not miss the garlic fries!. Not cheap, but very worth it! And a super wine selection.

    1. The best chimichurri in town, possibly in the country, is oddly enough at Cut, the Wolfgang Puck steakhouse in the Beverly Wilshire - the opening manager was a proud porteno, and pushed century-old Argentine cookbooks on Lee Hefter. Pair it with a medium-rare Japanese wagyu ribeye and you pretty much have chimichurri satori, although not altogether cheaply...

      1. I second Carlitos Gardel

        1. I'm not sure I've ever had bad chimichurri (I've certainly had bad steak, though). You can get a fix at Gaucho Grill ... not the best steaks, but certainly decent, and you get lots of Chimichurri to slather on to your bread! =)

          1. Hmm, thanks Hounds! I'm scheduling a chimichurri dinner for this weekend. :)