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Mar 13, 2007 11:33 AM

W.Vill/Soho Dinner, not too expensive/not rushed

The title about sums it up. Looking for a place for this Friday in the West Village or Soho area. Nothing too pricey and someplace that will ideally let you sit a bit without feeling like you are being pushed out the door. Doesn't need to be fancy at all, but nice enough that you can hang out and chat a little. Type of food doesn't matter much either (as long as it's good!)-- more concerned with vibe/ambience...

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  1. Snack Taverna
    possibly Po, although it is pretty cramped there
    Deborah, although the dinner food hasn't been great on my recent visits

    1. Arturos. Best pizza and usually live jazz on Fridays. It is not the nicest place ever, but the food is great. And they will let you linger if you keep drinking.

      1. I still love Mary's Fish Camp. Great lunch there today. Octopus app. is wonderful. Lobster roll as always is great. I also like Snack Taverna, Do Hwa, Perry St. (bargain lunch at 24. 7 days a week). Venture up to 17th St. and 8th Ave. for wonderful contamporary Thai and Japanese noodle soups and other items at Nooch.