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Mar 13, 2007 11:28 AM

Lunch in New Orleans

I'm going to New Orleans this weekend for the NCAA tourny and already have dinner plans. However, I'm looking for a few suggestions for lunch. Napoleon House and Mandina’s are on my list so far. Any suggestions?

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  1. I know this is not what you want to hear, but I would dump Nap. House...its good but not great....a way better muffaletta is found at Central Grocery.
    Mandina is great...if you like that kind of place I would also recocmend Liuzza's and Parkway Bakery (po-boys...roast beef is by the best).

    Rio Mar has a great tapas lunch and Commander's Palace has a reasonable lunch coupled with 25 cent martinis in 4 different flavors.

    I would also reccomend and cafe reconcile

    1. Having sat in the courtyard for lunch last Friday and had a great time, muff and all, I would keep the Napoleon House on the list. Mandina's is also back in fine form. While I don't know if they are open on weekends, I would include Herbsaint, Commanders and Anatoile (Lafayette Sq.). Otherwise, a poboy at Parkway Bakery would hit the spot.

      1. I like Ignatius on Magazine street and it is such a fun street.

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          My wife and I had lunch at Ignatius with two other couples last weekend (before happily waiting out a storm while drinking at Le Bon Temps Roulet - great place. Even the two dudes breaking all rules of jukebox etiquette couldn't screw it up. Way uncool even if they were locals) .

          Anyway,all of us really enjoyed Ignatius. Fun vibe, cool staff. Mixed and friendly crowd. Beer in brown paper bags made me smile. I had the roast beef po boy and thought it was terrific. Didn't try anyone else's lunch but everyone ordered differently and all were happy. I will definetely go back.

        2. If you are in the Quarter, keep Napoleon House on your list. Their warmed muffs are different from Central Grocery but are good in their own right. Bacco has a 10-cent martini lunch and is, of course, Bacco (glub glub!). Other FQ lunch spots include Cafe Amelia, Eat!, and Petunia's.

          If you venture out of the quarter, then there are many choices. Magazine Street PoBoys, Cochon, Liuzza's By The Track, Parkway Bakery (best roast beef poboy), Liuzza's (try the Frenchuletta), and Mandinas.

          Have a great time!