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Mar 13, 2007 11:12 AM

Fresno Fare

I am spending a night on business in Fresno. Restaraunt recommendations?

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  1. Do you know where you are staying? (i.e. what part of town)

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      1. re: Kensington gourmet

        You'll be very close to Cracked Pepper Bistro, a small, charming restaurant with wonderful food and an interesting wine list. This is the best bet nearby (SW corner of Shaw and Fresno St.). It may be a bit akward though if you're a "lone diner".
        Flemings steakhouse is on the South side of Shaw about a quarter mile further East and it has teriffic food and you could eat at the bar if you're alone.


        I cannot even begin to tell you how lovely this place is. It's at Shaw and Fresno street which is a just a skip from your location. The food is delightful and the wait staff attentive. The chef stops by to say hello which is very nice. If you go, definitely try the eggplant appetizer. My teenagers...(Picky) loved it!

        1. Kim's, great Vietnamese food. Shaw/Fresno, same strip mall as Cracked Pepper.

          1. Yup, I'd second both Cracked Pepper and Kim's. If price is a consideration, Kim's is more reasonable. (Also a lot bigger.)