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Mar 13, 2007 11:00 AM

Brunch: Prune? Schillers? Jane?

A friend and I are looking to get brunch Sunday. We don't care much about what neighborhood, but downtown would be preferable. But more importantly we are looking to get GREAT Bloody Mary's...

Which of these do you recommend? Or something else altogether?


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  1. Hm Honestly i haven't had the bloody mary's at Prune or Jane but i've had my fair share of them so I feel in a position to say the Bloody Mary's at Schiller's are darn good.

    Hearty, thick, spicy, salty. And the best part I like is they give you a stalk of celery, lime and olives. The way they should be served!

    1. I haven't actually been here, but Prune is supposed to be the go-to place for brunch, with an entire bloody mary menu! Seems right up your ally. But please note that wait times can be pretty extreme (which is actually the reason I have never been)

      1. The bloody mary's are the best at Prune. What they should be and more.

        1. I certainly enjoyed the Bloody Mary, their so-called "classic" and including a small glass of beer chaser, during brunch at Prune about 2 months ago.

          1. great bloody mary (with tequila) at Prune but I found the food to not be worth the wait. You are better off going there for lunch or an early dinner during the week. $.02