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Mar 13, 2007 10:57 AM

Lincoln Center

I have a date tomorrow night at Lincoln Center. Can anyone recommend a good post concert date spot to get a "casual but romantic" bite in the area?

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  1. Cafe Luxembourg. Cafe Mozart. Cafe Ronda on Columbus. There's another wine bar two blocks up that's good. I've even seen them strew the floors with rose petals.

    1. bin 71 great wine bar. excellent fresh italian small foods. 71/columbus

      1. Bin 71 is fantastic, but very crowded and very hard to find a seat to eat. Also, portions are tapas sized and pretty expensive for what you're getting. If you don't want to lean up against a bar to eat (and only if you're lucky), here are a few possibilities: Pasha (at one point excellent Turkish, now good most of the time; order lots of appetizers); Vince and Eddie's (a little bit old school and it may not be as casual as you're looking for, but they do have some good classic EU/US dishes); Rosa Mexicana (not where you want to go for really authentic Mexican and their "special pomegranate margaritas" really suck, but that aside, it is tasty, if that makes any sense ;). A lot of people like Fiorello's. I don't, personally, but many would recommend it.

        1. I'd say Shalel for sure. romantic little secluded bar in the basement of a greek restaurant. Lots of candles, middles eastern decor and great bites.

          I also like Bin 71, but it's crowded.

          1. Compass stays open until 11 p.m. mid-week, so if the concert is over early enough, it would be my pick. Excellent food and stylish contemporary decor. For that touch of romance you're seeking, I suggest you request one of their comfy, cozy booths. They also have a lounge area which might work, but I've never eaten there. Note: The loung menu is more casual.