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Anniversary dinner....

Any suggestions for anniversary dinner spot for my husband and I on Thursday night?

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  1. Hundreds of restaurants in NYC. Specifics needed to help narrow things down. Cuisine preferences? Casual or fancy? Per person budget? And tell us if that figure includes alcoholic beverages, tax & tip.

    1. Romantic, price not an issue. Midtown or downtown. Love all cuisines

      1. Cru on 5th Ave near Washington Square Park

          1. People's idea of romantic can different substantially. Two restaurants with small dining rooms that do it for me are Veritas and Fleur de Sel. Urena's space is larger, but now that the lighting problem everyone talked about when it first opened has been adjusted, the room has a warm, romantic glow. Of course, all three have wonderful food.


            Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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              RGR and I will fight this topic till the end, but I don't think Fleur de Sel or Urena are remotely romantic.

              Consider Eleven Madison Park, Cru, Asiate, Blue Hill, etc.

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                As I said, everyone's idea of romantic can be totally different....

                Blue Hill? Nothing about it spoke romance to me.

            2. For anniversary, how about Eleven Madison Park (11 Madison Ave & 26th)
              or Bouley (120 W. Broadway)? Very elegant and great for anniversary celebration.

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                Eleven Madison is on the corner of Madison & 24th. I agree that it's an excellent choice for a celebratory meal. However, though the space is gorgeous, I'm not sure I'd describe the ambiance as romantic, which is what the o.p. said she's looking for.

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                  I guess if you sit in the main dining room with the bright light, then it may not be considered romantic. However, there is a space inside (on the right hand side when you walk in to the back), and there are soft-like chairs that you can sit back. In particular, if you sit at the corner, then oct2396 and her husband can sit 90 degree to each other, and hold hands and talk and share food at the same time. I got this idea because last time when I was there there was a couple who did just that and they were celebrating their anniversary!

                  That image to me looked super-romantic. =D

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                    I know where that space is located. I always considered it to be Siberia. However, based on your description and something else I read on another thread, I think they may have made some changes back there in the way of tables and seating.

                    The last two times we were at EMP, we had the same corner table along one of the banquettes, so my husband and I were seated like the couple you mentioned. At the table next to ours, the couple was sitting side-by-side instead of across from each other. They looked quite cozy.

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                      No offence, but I also find that section of EMP to be romantic. BTW everytime I go to Bouley, I always see several couples who look like they're enjoying their anniversary dinner. I find the corner table there to be more romantic (though last time I was there a lamp next to me was broken and taped with a piece of scotch tape which was a little turn off...)

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                    I agree about both Eleven Madison Park and Bouley. I would also add Aureole.

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                      Slightly off topic, but has anyone been to Aureole after Palmer left? I am wondering if they have changed the menu with the new chef and if the quality remains the same...

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                        Charlie Palmer is still very much involved in Aureole. Only his head chef was changed. According to eater, there have since been more casualties at Aureole: http://eater.com/archives/2007/03/eat.... I think at the beginning of this week there was a post about Aureole.

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                          Actually, Charlie stopped cooking a number of years ago. His most recent chef, Dante Boccuzzi (who was wonderful and will be greatly missed) left a few weeks ago. The new chef, Tony Aiazzi, who has been with Charlie for (I believe ) 8 years is now in charge. I just took a cooking class with him on Saturday, and he is wonderful too! (I posted about it on Monday). I'm going to dinner at Aureole on Friday. Tony has made some changes to the menu. From what I ate on Saturday, Aureole is in excellent hands!

                    2. In a word? Chanterelle. Guaranteed to please!