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Mar 13, 2007 10:39 AM

Tastiest recipes that can be found online

Not talking about recipe sites, but actual recipes themselves. Found a few gems this year, pretty much all well, um, dessert as it turns out. Would love to hear other people's discoveries -- savory or sweet:

My top four are:

Nigel Slater's Pistachio Cake
Love NY Times on Wednesday for their fantastic recipes. This one is my favorite discovery of 2006. Subtle use of rosewater adds a really interesting note and the simple lemon icing a great compliment. Most delicious, moist and memorable thing I've ever made.

Sharffen Berger "Riich Chocolate Cake" (adapted from Chez Panisse deserts) - delicious, moist rich. (Be sure to use the glaze recipe on same site). My favoite of the chocolate recipes I've made this year.

Nigella Lawson's "Molten Chocolate Baby Cakes. By a mile the most popular recipe I've made in 2006. Almost legendary and also fantastically easy to prepare in advance and take to a dinner party. Pop in the oven 15 minutes before time to eat. Everyone goes crazy for them. While it gets the populust vote, for my money the Sharffen Berger chocolate cake above is a tiny bit tastier -- if not quite as sexy. Be warned the portions are HUGE for something this rich -- I tend to spread out the recipe between more ramekins. Also wouldn't serve without vanilla ice cream as it cuts the chocolatey richness a bit:

Sharffen Berger "Best Chocolate Cookies" -- truly live up to their name. Chewy, crisp, delicious. Sometimes swap in a bit of ground almonds for 1/3 of the flour which works great. A bit of a hassle to chip up the Sharffen Berger (not to Sharffen Berger -- make the chunks!!!) but does taste pretty damn good if you do it.

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  1. Here's one that someone here posted recently for Thai Basil Chicken, wicked-good! We've had it twice now, second time I tried using shrimp but we decided the chicken is better:

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        Glad to know others have discovered Another favorite of mine is (visible rating system makes it easy to pick winners)

      2. I usually find good things at Foodtv's site and

        1. I think the question was what is your best online recipe found not recipe website.

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            Yup. Recipies, 'hounds, not sites if you any particular stand-outs from 2006. Although a separate thread on best recipe sites would be interesting too.

          2. One great pork shoulder roast (I never thought to braise with beans)

            Mushroom Smothered chicken: another braising recipe.

            For some reason, this past winter I was heavily into braised dishes. These were two of the best that I tried.