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Mar 13, 2007 10:25 AM

tacos baja ensenada (amazing! other than the fish tacos)

it was a lazy sunday afternoon and I was craving some seafood cocktail and fish soup (the kind I used to find easily in san diego). I remembered this board raving about the fish tacos at TBE so I thought they might have other seafood too. although I love fish tacos too because of this new "healthy" diet I'm on, I'm trying to avoid fried food. boooo.

so we arrive at TBE and it was packed. the menu was perfect. it had seafood cocktail and soups! the boyfriend ordered the fish taco and shrimp taco combo and I ordered a small campechana and a small fish soup. this place doesnt play games when it comes to their cocktails. a big bar of all the ingredients, the man behind the counter builds the perfect campechana. the seafood was super fresh. the fish soup was just amazing. very brothy and hearty. also came with rice and tortillas. I put the rice in the soup and it was even more delicious. needless to say, the boyfriend loved the fish and shrimp tacos.

we noticed the ceviche looked good too on our way out. we are DEFINITELY returning!!

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  1. olivexjina - YES! The ceviche is soooooo good! I am a huge fan of TBE!
    Next time, be sure to try their yellow peppers in the red spice at the condiment bar -- if you haven't yet.

    1. those yellow peppers were tasty. definitely had heat! but no prob after washing it down with their WONDERFUL horchata! seriously the best horchata I've had. very cinnamony and milky (as opposed to just watery tasting like many other places).

      1. Yeah, I can't really indulge in their tacos like I used to, so the ceviche makes the tears go away quickly. I usually get one shrimp and one fish.

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          I love the fish ceviche! Yum! Damn, now I am craving some.

          1. re: WildSwede

            "...craving some." Me, too! As soon as I saw their name, Pavlov kicked in! And I agree with olivexjina that they serve a very good horchata!