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Mar 13, 2007 09:40 AM

Jalebi in Long Beach or Irvine?

Do you know of any shops that carry Jalebi, the Indian sweet, in either Irvine or Long Beach?

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  1. The Persian equivalent, zoolbiah, is sold at Assal Pastry in Irvine. I had some last week, and man, is it good. Golden, loopy, looking like a glazed funnel cake, it is soaked with a concentrated, teeth-rotting syrup, but still it manages to have a good crunchy texture.

    Check it out.

    They also sell mini-cakes by the pound. Awesome place.

    Here's some pictures of the cakes that I took:

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      Thanks! Looks like Assal and Caspian are on the lunchtime agenda.

    2. Also in Tustin, there's an India Sweets and Spices. It's on the corner of Newport and Edinger and McFadden.

      1. If Artesia isn't too far away, you should be able to find it on many places to choose from.