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Mar 13, 2007 09:21 AM

Need Recs from Nashville to the northern KY border

Hi all...while I'm well familiar with Nasville and environs, my experience is more limited starting about 30 miles north of town. We going to be doing a driving trip in conjunction with Tommyfest (hosted by Tommy Emmanuel, one of the universe's most amazing acoustic guitarists) which will be in Elizabethtown, KY. Definitely open to backroads and with a focus on BBQ. The northernmost destination will be Bloomington, IN, so probably one leg will be on or sticking close to I-65 unless there is some truly WOW hound fare to be had.

Outside of Q, we eat just about anything except green bell pepper, so all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. KY is not much of a 'que state, but definitely scope out the Beaumont Inn near or in Harrodsburg, KY not far from I-65--family style dining, Even tho I'm a born and bred Kentuckian I (alas) have never managed to get there, but probably will in next year or two. They have their own web site. Maybe take a Kentucky cured ham with ya, too. Take the time to look around if you go. That Shakertown restaurant is within 25 miles or so, too--another unique dining experience in the Bluegrass State.

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      Thanks for the tips...Beaumont Inn looks great. I was under the impression that Kentucky was known for BBQ mutton and burgoo?

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        Most of the good BBQ in KY (in my experience) is in the western part of the state. Owensboro has several places, the most well-known are Moonlite ( and Old Hickory Pit. If you are near, you should definitely try one of those. I grew up eating at Moonlite, but I've heard that Old Hickory Pit is even better.

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          Yes--Burgoo started out as a hunters stew--they just threw everything into a big kettle and cooked if for hours/days until you couldn't tell what it was. Mutton BBQ is the local specialty of Owensboro (and hardly anywhere else) and the Moonlite is the most famous place there for it or anything else.

      2. Here is a post from the Search function that might help some.


        1. Thanks for the input. The drive to Owensboro looks doable from Bloomington on our return to Nashville, provided that Moonlite and Old Hickory Pit are worth the detour.