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Mar 13, 2007 09:15 AM

Need Southern Indiana Recs

We are starting to plan our itinerary for a road trip, and we will be making the the drive to Bloomington for my 4th and the lovely Denise's first visit to Restaurant Tallent. We will be driving in from Louisville, KY. I'm open to taking backroads if there is some truly houndworthy fare, but at least one leg will be via I-65.

Open to just about anything as long as it doesn't contain green bell pepper...


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  1. Actually it is faster to Bloomington from Louisville to take 265 to 150 (New Albany) then up to Paoli from there you could head a little west and go to French Lick and take in the newly opened resort and restaurants. If you aren't up on this it is a very famous old old resort that fell into decay and has been brought back to life. Then just get back on 37 and you are here. If you are set on 65 to Columbus then you might want to stop in at the Salt Creek golf course for a Gnaw Bone Tenderloin sandwich. It used to be at the Marathon Food and Fuel in Gnaw Bone but went out of business and the owner is now making them at the club house at the golf course. It is right on the way to Bloomngton. Another detour on that route would be to go to the Inn at Storey. Storey iuis just a wide spot inb the road but they do turn out some good food.

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      Don't know when you were last at Story, Candy, but it's a kind of iffy proposition these days. I want to like it, the place is charming, but it is so uneven and unpredictable that I'd be leery of sending someone out for the food. If you are after ambiance, or just want to take a long drive with food at the end of it, okay.

    2. Thanks for the tips as always Candy. Looking at Mapquest (which chose the I-65 route) I noticed the route you mentioned. Depending on what I find in northern KY will determine my routes.

      1. If you wanted to start by going backwards, a pulled pork sandwich at Vince Staten's BBQ wouldn't be a bad thing ... east on US 42, Prospect. Call it "laying down a base". But then, you have lots of kickoff options in Louisville...

        1. A couple people I work with (Bloomington) swear by Joe Huber Farms, and have organized dinner trips for the family style Amish fried chicken --